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Advertisers can get their site across our entire network of sites. We offer many different options to get the most of you advertising campaign whether you are looking to get better search results via deep linking strategy, or maximize your exposure across the entire foot fetish community with FEETured submissions or ad spots.
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For as little as $25.00 a month you can get your banner flying across a ton of foot fetish sites of all types. If you are looking to increase your exposure with branding, this will get you some eyeballs and clicks. 

For $50.00 a month, you can get a partner account and submit your galleries, videos, and trade links with every site in the network to increase your search rankings as well as your exposure. We are also available to help you with 13 years plus of experience. Getting you the most out of your ad dollars.

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Whether you are looking to get started in the adult industy, you need some help to optimize your sites or just looking for some banner ads. EMAIL us!

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Do you need web hosting? CMS? More Content? We can help maximizing your online business!
Maximize Your Ad Dollars
Few can afford to waste their advertising budgets on a hope. Diversity in your Ad Dollar is key in this economy.
FEETured Spots

Our network of foot fetish or celebrity sites have a built in area to provide advertisers maximum exposure!

You can submit pictures galleries (TGP) and videos to various sites in our network to focus on getting the best exposure and return on your investment.

Deep Index Link Trades

Link trading is great. It helps you get some traffic, and better search engine results. But you also have to manage your links properly.

We have set up our network of sites with a link trading script, and different C-Block IP's to provide the maximum punch on your links via deep linking with A-B-C link building strategy. 

Banner Ads

Anyone can rotate a banner on their network and promise you results. Not only do we track our results, but we also can provide you recommendation on the best way to convert your click throughs.

After all, if you do not make money, we do not make money. We see this as a partnership of sorts in mutual interest of success.

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